Memory Gore. First tune from new album, Four Bibles.


Preorder album from Alter or from your favourite local record shop.

Out: May 17th. Vinyl / CD / Download

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One response to “Memory Gore. First tune from new album, Four Bibles.”

  1. info says :

    There is a live wire buzz running through the entirety of Four Bibles. It’s there in the initial fade-in of ‘Bees Around the Lime Tree’ and holds through the fade out of the title track. It’s not a drone, though; the songs are too spiky for that. This warbling static prepares you for an onslaught of heaving, chugging rhythm. On first listen it sounds like getting hit by a sledgehammer of sludge, but the dimensions slowly come through. Three or four guitars (before the overdubs) can be hard to parse, but though the individual lines are difficult to distinguish, the layered effect moulds the sound.

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