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THREE DAYS, Cardiff/Bristol/London

THREE DAYS, Cardiff/Bristol/London

THREE DAYS, Cardiff/Bristol/London. Killer time had. CHEERS.

Three Gigs + Bakers Dozen

24 April – Cardiff (W/Arabrot)

25 April – Bristol (W/The Body, Arabrot, Hotel Wrecking City Traders)

26 April – London (Desertfest)

AND – We did this for The Quietus (We’re playing their stage at Desertfest) – http://thequietus.com/articles/14819-hey-colossus-favourite-albums – A Bakers Dozen, we chose some albums and did some writing about receiving an electric shock + destroying toilets etc.

April 26th 2014, Camden, London

April 26th 2014, Camden, London

April 26th 2014, Camden, London.

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