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You’re just my summer listening but I’ll remember you when winter comes

Killer top 10.


My top ten for 2013 so far was way way back at the start of March so it must be fine to do another compilation post. What have I been loving over the summer? What happy party tunes have been providing my personal soundtrack to the surprisingly fine rays that have even graced the Glasgwegian skyline this year? Dethscalator, Black Sun Roof! anyone?

The Pastels – Slow Summits

So before this gets ridiculously off theme lets start with The Pastels who put out a new album this year called Slow Summits which at least includes a track called Summer Rain. The Pastels are relentless. Not like a tire iron or the Terminator or indeed Dethscalator or Black Sun Roof! More like the slow-mo beauty of a glacier or the gentle passing of the seasons. You can run you can hide but in my experience their unique handmade world of seductive pop…

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Sebright Arms, 10th Anniversary show, snap by Lauren Barley (CHEERS)